Welcome to the Closed Off WikiEdit

This wiki is for me to get away from everything & everyone that won't stop with the drama. It will also have a story about a closed off world & how it's resident's are trapped in the same time some of the resident's learn the truth & escape to other worlds to also wake up other that have that same problem but first must get out of there own repeated time loop & break that cycle.

The StoryEdit

People in the Story will be awoken by either someone the princess has awoken already or the princess herself then when all the people they can save in that closed off world become awoken they will then leave & save others in other closed off world's & break those cycles as well.

There will also be a camp/headquarters where all the awoken people will stay at because not all fight & not all are needed to go into the next world. But in the first closed off world where the story begins there will be a huge house were the people will stay until all the people have been gathered then they leave that world & enter the main one where the camp/headquarters will be established & built.

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